Final Hit

Artistic Print – “Final Hit”

As an artist I am always looking to improve my skill set.   One artist that I admire greatly is award winning Richard Sturdevant.  Richard’s level of detail and dedication is very impressive and inspiring.  As a Master Artists of Photography and and Photographic Craftsman he is always a source of inspiration.

This work is based on the concept comes form Richard’s class that he taught at the Texas School of Photography.  I was able to study is techniques and with much practice come up with a design based on his painting style.  This is my first behind the scenes description of what I do so I apologize up front for any details that are missing.


Green Screen Capture

The first thing I did was have our senior pose on our green screen setup.  I used two kicker lights in the back and one directly above to add the shadow we were looking for.  I extracted him from the background and made some quick touch ups such as flipping his name so you could read it.

Then the real work began.  I did several layers of shadowing and highlighting do bring a more illustrated look his overall look.  Next I created several layers of his gi (the uniform).  On each of those layers I painted in his gi.  Again this gives it a more illustrative look and makes is stand out giving it a more powerful look.







Behind the scenes 2

The background was based on the Omaha San-Mai Martial Arts Karate studio’s logo.  I created a 3D rendering of the logo and add some rock texturing.  I layered that onto a painted background and worked in several layers of texturing to blend the elements together.

With the background finished I finished the blending of our student and the the background.  For final touches I added some overhead lights and drew in some smoke effects and I was done.  The overall piece took about 4 days to create.

I hope this gives a little insight on how this was created.  If you would like to know more about this work or would like some personalize artwork done for you please feel free to call us or send us an email through our website.
Thank you so much!


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