Your Senior Session: Clothing Tips for Girls Part 1

 Article By Megan Blusys, Photo by Joe Blusys

When it comes to senior portraits (or any type of portraits), the clothing you wear can have a huge impact on how the pictures turn out. So it’s important you think about the outfits you’re going to wear in your senior photos (no pressure, right?).

Don’t worry. Here are a few tips to follow to choose the perfect outfit every time.

Bring a Variety of Different Clothes

Senior pictures are a chance to play dress-up, so bring a wide range of clothes. Have a fancy dress you want to show off? Bring it along! Casual and laid back more your style? Wear your favorite t-shirt. Whatever outfits best capture your personality (as well as those with Mom’s stamp of approval) are welcome.

Think About Color

Even if your favorite color is blue, don’t bring 5 different outfits all in blue (even if they are different shades of blue!). Bring a mixture of colors.

Try to avoid colors that will wash you out (this can vary depending on your skin tone, but generally include gray, flesh-tone, white, off-white, or beige). Darker colors tend to be more slimming, while whites can make you look bigger.

Stick to Solids or Subtle Prints

Avoid shirts with wild patterns, logos, words, or pictures because they will become the focal point of the picture – and that’s not what you want people to focus on when looking at your portrait.

Dress in Layers

What this means is you should wear a cute jacket or sweater over a shirt with short sleeves or spaghetti straps. This works for a few reasons:

  • You get a variety of looks from just one outfit; more looks means more poses to choose from.
  • You avoid showing a lot of skin in a picture, which can draw attention away from your face; you also keep Mom and Dad happy by not revealing too much.
  • This is where you can bring in some bright, fun colors and patterns, while still not drawing attention away from your face.
  • Longer sleeves tend to be more flattering on all body types.

Have a Mix of Trendy and Classic Clothes

For wallets or graduation announcements, it’s nice to have pictures with some trendy clothes. But for a portrait that’s going to hang on your parents’ wall for the next 15 or 20 years, you don’t want to be wearing an outfit that looks dated within a year or two. So, mix in some traditional styles (like basic sweaters or button-down shirts) that will still look fresh year after year.

Bring Accessories for All Outfits

From shoes to jewelry to hair accents, make sure you bring everything you need to complete the look. That also means making sure your nails (both fingers and toes) look nice … hey, now you have an excuse to go get a mani and pedi!

Be sure to read Part 2 – which covers choosing the right outfits for your body type.


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